Air-Cooled Porsche 911

 Carscoops:UK-based restorer and car modifier Theon Design has just unveiled its latest Porsche 911 project that will soon be shipped to its owner in Hong Kong.

This particular 911 is known as HK002 and was commissioned with mostly steel panels, rather than the ones made out of carbon fiber the company also offers. Adorning the exterior of the classic German sports car is a beautiful shade of dark green contrasted with Porsche lettering along the sides and across the rear.

Theon Design offers a host of different engines for its restored and modified 911s. The individual who commissioned this model opted for a naturally-aspirated 3.8-liter six-cylinder with 371 hp and 300 lb-ft (407 Nm) of torque. Coupled to this engine is the six-speed manual transmission of a 993 that routes power through the rear wheels. Other key upgrades made to this car include KW Variant 3 dampers, beefed-up brakes, wireless phone charging, and a new stereo.


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